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    Megan Racing

    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:53 am

    Garage16 just added Megan Racing to its import line-up.

    Megan Racing was started in 2001, and over the past 5 years our top priority has been to provide high quality performance parts at reasonable prices. Our Innovative and original designs, allow us to stay ahead of the competition without inflating prices. Since 2001 our product line has grown to over 1000 products for over 60 cars and is continuing to grow daily. The Megan Racing staff prides itself on maintaining the original company goals of performance, design, and economical prices that will allow us to grow for many years to come.

    Megan Racing started out with small auto accessories such as intakes, strut braces, universal exhausts and aluminum spoilers. During the first few years our affordable pricing and superior quality earned us a solid place in aftermarket performance industry, the quality and performance of our products was further enhanced using customer feedback and testing as well as track testing on our Megan Racing race cars. Through exceptional marketing and product development more people became aware of our company and products; the demand for a more expanded line was put into action. At the beginning of 2002, as its own name brand, we opened to the public a line of high performance headers, racing test pipes/resonator pipes and 100% stainless steel full cat-back exhaust systems for a variety of cars. In 2003, we developed a more new product line, such as lowering springs, lower control arms and racing seats and then approaching 2004, we made a big jump to another level of high performance parts, and started manufacturing turbo exhaust manifolds, turbo down pipes, and blow off valves, intercoolers, and full adjustable coil-over damper kits. In 2005 we exceeded our buildings capacity and moved to new two story warehouse more than doubling our square footage and allowing us for years of future growth.

    As all consumers know, the physical aspect of a product is just as important as how it performs. With this in mind, the Megan Racing develops their products with both equality in performance and design, so that its customers can proudly show off our products without worrying about “all show and no go.”

    Building and tuning cars can be an expensive hobby and with that in mind Megan Racing has done everything possible to keep our pricing as low as possible without sacrificing quality or performance, As time goes on, Megan Racing will continue to produce newer, stronger, but still affordable performance parts for the customer to build cars with. Megan Racing strives to stay ahead of the competition with new products for our customers while providing the top notch customer service and leading edge automotive performance

    -Fuel Pressure Regulators
    -Oil Catch Tanks
    -Exhaust Systems
    -Suspension Arms
    -Coil Overs


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