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    Megan Lower Control Arms

    Rick Ears

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    Megan Lower Control Arms

    Post  Rick Ears on Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:10 pm

    LCA s are an essential part to your car s suspension. When lowering
    your car your wheels will start to butterfly inward at the top which
    makes your tires ride on the edge. This increases wear on your tires as
    the sidewalls are the weakest part of your tire. This also means that
    there is less tire on the ground which means loss of traction around
    turns. LCA s reduce camber so that more of your tire touches the
    ground, keep your tires from rubbing your fender and allow for a wider
    wheel and tire combination. These LCA s provide light-weight
    performance with an enhanced appearance to your suspension. These arms
    are available in Red and Blue finish

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