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    Avid Racing

    Post  Rick Ears on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:01 pm


    At Avid, our mission is obvious. We engineer products for the everyday
    enthusiast to weekend racer to the pro’s. We through the years have
    thrived on success by committing to research and development and strict
    manufacturing process. We also invest an ample amount in our
    manufacturing equipment and process to ensure quality out of every part
    that leaves our facility. When enthusiasts purchase an Avid product,
    they are getting the utmost engineered, quality and value in our
    industry. But don’t listen to us, just look at our testimonial page and
    see pro racers as well as reputable shop owners that use Avid.


    Avid is an up coming competitor in the engine mount segment of the
    aftermarket automotive industry. We will achieve our path to success by
    continuing to provide new, cutting-edge and price/value products to
    consumers. We will always stand behind and fore front our customers to
    provide the finest in customer service.

    -Motor Mounts
    -Shift Linkages
    -Traction Bars


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