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    Nyce1s.com Power Up Series Dyno Tour

    Rick Ears

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    Nyce1s.com Power Up Series Dyno Tour

    Post  Rick Ears on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:02 pm

    Nyce1s.com Power Up Series Dyno Tour!!!!
    Team GMPT Honda Xtreme Dyno Event & Car Show Presented by MB Racing Who's Going?!!!

    is the information on our second Power Up Series Dyno event for 2009!
    The event will be held on Saturday, April 11th, 2009. This is the
    Pre-Honda Day dyno event!!!

    We will have an all
    motor K-Series Class, T3 Turbo Class and the newly added T4 Turbo Kings
    class!!! Each car will get 3 pulls for $75.00. The winnings from each
    class will receive a payout and prizes which is listed below.

    Location Address:

    Tha Garage
    104-46 dunkirk ST
    St. Albans, NY 11412

    V Raceworks K-Series All Motor = Up to $750.00 in Cash and prizes!!!

    T3 Turbo Shootout = Up to 1,000.00 in cash and prizes!!!

    T4 Turbo Kings = Up to $1,500.00 in cash and prizes!!


    The main event will feature the T4 Turbo Kings. The T4 Turbo Kings will be
    comprised of a some of the northeast's fastest street cars.

    Spectators are welcome to come out and watch this unfold.

    the success of the Power Up Dyno Series Tour (Thanks to you guys),
    Nyce1s are looking for for ways to keep these events more exciting. We
    want our spectators to feel the Nyce1s experience and most of all have
    the chance to win some cash too!

    Spectators NOW HAVE THE CHANCE TO WIN UP TO $1,000.00 IN CASH AND PRIZES!! Come out and take part in the I KNOW POWER game.

    group of contestants will have the opportunity to guess the amount of
    Wheel Horse Power the vehicle on the Dyno will produce. The contestant
    who is able to guess the right amount of power will win points.

    contestants whom accumulates the most points during their groups round,
    will advance to the Final Cash Round. The final Cash round will have
    the remaining 3 contestants battling for up to $1000 cash. Again, the
    contestant whom accumulates the most points wins!!! Also there will be
    other prize giveways.

    The Dyno event will also be available live on the internet via Nyce1s.com.

    Here are a few photos of the location!!!!!!!!

    Dyno Competition stars at 12 Noon!!!!!

    Dyno Competitors must have STREET TIRES ONLY, NO DRAG RADIALS, NO SLICKS!!!!!

    Click this link below for more information!!!


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