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    Post  Rick Ears on Sat May 30, 2009 8:31 am

    Garage16 is now a dealer for KVR Brakes

    Carbon Fiber Pads

    KVR Performance delivers the Superior Stopping Power of Carbon Fibre Pads at prices Affordable for Everyday Use!
    You'll get superior performance from our semi-metallic carbon fibre
    pads; their metalurgical formulation exceeds all O.E.M. standards,
    creating a quiet running brake pad that performs with minimal increase
    in dusting. The perfect choice for Street Performance vehicles that may
    see occassional on-track action.

    Designed for both street and AUTO-X applications requiring high performance braking.

    High Street Performance

    Auto-X and VERY LIMITED track use

    Less Brake Fade

    No Warm up time like many carbon pads

    Kevlar insulated

    Rotor Friendly Carbon Fiber Weave

    Shorter Stopping Distances

    Slotted/Drilled Sport Rotors

    By using fine superior materials and state of the art manufacturing methods, OE Replacement 1pc Discs from KVR
    provide a dramatic decrease in stopping distance. All discs are CNC
    Machined on site for Maximum Precision, and are designed for bolt in
    replacement of your OEM Factory disc rotors, permitting a easy and
    painless installation. Discs are available with Plain OEM Style, Cross
    Drilled or Gas Slotted surface finishes, and Optional Cadmium Plating
    is available in a variety of colors. You can order your rotors in
    Plain, Cross Drilled and Slotted. The KVR rotors
    also come in many different colors including Silver, Gold and Black
    plated. If you looking for a great price on quality rotors and do not
    want to break the bank then KVR is the choice you want to make.

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