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    New Turbosmart Vee-Port BOV

    Rick Ears

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    New Turbosmart Vee-Port BOV

    Post  Rick Ears on Fri Mar 20, 2009 6:56 pm

    New Turbosmart Vee-Port BOV - COMING SOON!

    Just as the original Vee Port set new standards over 10 years ago – our new version is packed with innovative features.

    a billet vee-band for attachment, our unique high flow “vee ports”, and
    a light weight positive seal piston – this new generation blow-off
    valve has no competitor.

    33% Shorter and 30% Lighter that it’s predecessor
    (above left) the new Vee-Port is ideal for anything from custom
    installs in tight spots to those seeking a weight advantage, while
    maintaining the high flow that our large bore Vee Port is famous for.

    Like all Turbosmart BOVs, the Vee Port is manufactured in Sydney, Australia under strict quality control.

    Product Description
    Fully atmospheric blow-off valve

    Suits most turbocharged applications.

    Key Features
    Swivel vacuum nipple, V-Band clamp for mechanical fastening to the weld
    flange, optimized spring for greater adjustability and swivel vacuum
    nipple. Available in standard (blue) or Sleeper (black).

    • Part number
    • Vee-Port Universal Fit – BlueTS-0205-1100
    • Vee-Port Universal Fit – BlackTS-0205-1101
    • Vee-Port Mazda/Subaru – BlueTS-0205-1109
    • Vee-Port Mazda/Subaru – BlackTS-0205-1110
    • Vee-Port Subaru – BlueTS-0205-1115
    • Vee-Port Subaru – BlackTS-0205-1116
    • Vee-Port Nissan – BlueTS-0205-1125
    • Vee-Port Nissan – BlackTS-0205-1126

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    Re: New Turbosmart Vee-Port BOV

    Post  Rollinx25 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:48 am

    Turbosmart is a awesome product! Cool

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