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    12 New Venders added..

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    12 New Venders added..

    Post  Rick Ears on Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:10 pm

    Garage16 is always looking to add new venders for customers and add to its line-up.

    After a HUGE list of people asking where to get BBM Rims, you can now get it all from Garage16.ca

    Here are the 12 new Venders...

    With years of success in motor sports, BBS is known as a leader in
    wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. BBS is dedicated to
    pursuing the highest level of technology possible and then applying
    this experience to the street. To do justice to the high standards BBS wheels demands of its BBS custom wheels
    and BBS rims, a perfect synthesis must be achieved between technology
    and design. The goal of weight optimization and maximum strength must
    be met while being integrated into specific design criteria of their
    BBS custom rims. These parameters are evident in a wide variety of BBS

    A corporate restructuring of August Bilstein GmbH of Ennepetal, Germany
    took place in 1988 with the purchase of the company by Hoesch AG. A
    subsequent merger of the Hoesch Group with Fried. Krupp AG in 1992
    established the parent conglomerate Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp. In
    1999 Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp merged with Thyssen AG to form
    ThyssenKrupp Automotive Group. Bilstein is now a wholly-owned
    subsidiary company of the ThyssenKrupp Automotive Group.The group is a primary supplier to the automotive industry and, with
    their other subsidiaries, cover a wide spectrum of manufacturing from
    steel production to automation and communications technology among
    others. The amount of information and technology available to a company
    of this size is formidable and create an excellent basis for present
    and future product development including Bilstein suspension components.The inter-company collaboration of data and technology within the Group
    produces synergetic effects which, on one hand, leads to consistent
    quality improvements of existing products and, on the other, to
    technological innovations in the classic Bilstein tradition.
    It is within this framework that Bilstein will continue to expand and
    strengthen their function as a supplier of innovative technology and
    systems to the automotive industry

    Brembo is truly a global supplier of rotors and brake system components. It
    manufacturers over 30 million brake rotors for 31 different Original
    Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Original Equipment Suppliers (OES),
    covering 30 different car companies in 10 countries on four continents,
    including all U.S. Big Three automakers. No other brake rotor
    manufacturer commands such a worldwide presence. Brembo offers with its
    aftermarket rotors the same levels of quality, technology and
    performance that has earned it such prestigious OEM fitments as Dodge
    Viper, Ferrari, Ford Mustang Cobra and Mercedes-Benz. All Brembo
    Aftermarket Rotors are manufactured under QS-9000 and ISO 9001
    certifications to assure the at level of quality in all products.
    now provides a significantly wider coverage with its Aftermarket
    Rotors, having added nearly 200 new part numbers in the last year
    alone. The net result is that the owners of a greater number of both
    imported and domestic vehicles, ranging from compact cars to luxury
    SUVs, can stop safely and securely with Brembo Aftermarket Rotors.[/size]

    Bully Clutch
    Our company has been around since 1930 but it's in 2001 that we put all
    our knowledge and experience into branding our performance division,
    Bully Performance Clutch®️. Bully was researched and designed for
    the racing and street car enthusiast by other enthusiasts who happen to
    be friction specialists. We know what it feels like to floor the
    throttle in your high-powered car and only receive a moderate reaction.
    We also recognize the maintenance cost that can follow repeated harsh
    engagements. Our main research path followed as closely as possible
    O.E. pressure plate engagements characteristic to help maintain
    longevity of surrounding components such as slave and master cylinders,
    fork, thrust bearings, cables, etc... On the other hand, we also wanted
    to considerably increase the applied clamping force to help hold the
    load of today's high horsepower vehicles.So on we went with our R & D to find the perfect friction materials
    along with the best relationship between performance and reliability.
    Each of our selected components where rigorously tested to insure the
    highest quality for production.Our stage 3,4 and 5 clutches are put to the test by many drifters in
    the Castrol DMCC series, notably by the 2007 Champion Frederic Girard
    from Team Yakuza. We also have participants in the Castrol Canadian
    Touring car Championship, Quebec Touring Hankook Series, Koni Challenge
    and many Canadian Rally series that chose our product over the
    competition. Try a Bully Clutch today and see how our continuous obsession can benefit you!

    CENTERFORCE®️ clutch systems are designed with the diverse needs of the
    customer, or end user in mind. Because of these diverse needs,
    Centerforce®️ offers a multilevel line to meet the requirements of a
    wide range of vehicles and their intended uses. To obtain the proper
    system, it is extremely important to completely qualify and verify the
    vehicle, not only by its make and model year, but also "define" its
    intended use. A stock vehicle used for commuting to and from the work
    place has an entirely different requirement than a "high performance"
    vehicle driven at the extreme of its capabilities, and sometimes beyond!


    Liquid engineering of Superior Quality Lubricants, achieving
    technical benefits both for private users, car manufactures,
    major race teams & commercial application is the benchmark
    we set. Choosing the right lubricant:
    Use correct Viscosity, choose suitable lubricants to your
    Car Manufacturer’s certification & or Norms Certifications,
    Approvals to performance levels for your motor vehicle. Lubricant development:
    Extensive testing in field & laboratory, researching &
    applying these results achieve the best for user & environment.
    Performance & our Precious Environment;
    At Elf Lubricants…. greater power, higher performance
    through fuel efficient lubricants, means protecting our environment
    by lower emission output.

    Ground Control
    Improve the suspension of your racecar or street
    car with Ground Control suspension products.
    We offer racing and street car suspension products designed exclusively
    by us to improve
    the handling of your car. We offer street shocks and struts,
    adjustable racing shocks and struts, custom springs, kits for adjusting
    ride-height, adjustable camber/caster plates, adjustable sway bars and
    more. Whether you're racing or you just want better handling, we have what
    you'll need to set up the suspension on your car for optimum performance.
    Ground Control, THE suspension experts.

    Megan Racing started out with small auto accessories such as intakes,
    strut braces, universal exhausts and aluminum spoilers. During the
    first few years our affordable pricing and superior quality earned us a
    solid place in aftermarket performance industry, the quality and
    performance of our products was further enhanced using customer
    feedback and testing as well as track testing on our Megan Racing race
    cars. Through exceptional marketing and product development more people
    became aware of our company and products; the demand for a more
    expanded line was put into action. At the beginning of 2002, as its own
    name brand, we opened to the public a line of high performance headers,
    racing test pipes/resonator pipes and 100% stainless steel full
    cat-back exhaust systems for a variety of cars. In 2003, we developed a
    more new product line, such as lowering springs, lower control arms and
    racing seats and then approaching 2004, we made a big jump to another
    level of high performance parts, and started manufacturing turbo
    exhaust manifolds, turbo down pipes, and blow off valves, intercoolers,
    and full adjustable coil-over damper kits. In 2005 we exceeded our
    buildings capacity and moved to new two story warehouse more than
    doubling our square footage and allowing us for years of future growth.

    MSport Rotors

    Since 2000 we have been working as a specialized auto parts
    manufacturer. We are focus on complete high performance suspension
    systems and big brake kits. Over the years, we have focused on
    different street, race track and car types, which has in turn given us
    the chance to accumulate plenty of valuable data and experience.
    Due to our rich experience in motorsport racing, our company has been
    able to be recognized in the high performance automotive parts field

    Making Garage16.ca now access to over 1200 venders and new ones will be added soon

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