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    STD Suspension R1

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    STD Suspension R1

    Post  Rick Ears on Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:17 pm

    R1 Coilover Kits

    STD R1 suspension system is the best for daily driving. You can lower
    your car by the lower mount without affecting the travel of the
    suspension like every other STD suspension systems. You can easily
    adjust the damping force with your finger to allow you to easily tune
    the suspension when you want to confront different road types and
    conditions. You have everything you need to enjoy driving your car in
    the street and you will not have to confuse yourself with too many
    adjustments. Some other brands will try to sell you a suspension system
    by telling you that it is the best for street use but you will need to
    lower the spring to lower the car height, and you will therefore lose
    stroke. You don’t gain anything by paying for a coilover if you lose
    suspension stroke when you lower the car. If you weren’t sure before,
    now you are: don't buy the wrong type of street suspension.

    • Scaled suspension system for easier installation.
    • Full length adjustment system on lower mount
    • Separate ride high and pre-load adjustments
    • Aluminum alloy construction: lower mount, top mount, spring seat and locks
    • Multi-positional manual damping force adjustment *
    • Forged aluminum top mount

    * Compression and rebound: Each application has a different number of manual damping adjustments

    the suspension systems from the R series provides a multi-positional
    manual damping force adjustment. Each application has a specific number
    of adjustments. To increase rigidity, you turn clockwise, whereas to
    decrease rigidity, you turn counter-clockwise. Set your handling and
    ride as comfortably as you like.

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