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    1999 eclipse gs


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    1999 eclipse gs

    Post  coltsleeper4g63 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:57 am

    Hey everyone
    The story All starts about a year ago when then stock 2L ended itself, cylinder #3 had siezed and the motor would no longer turn over. Resulting in a choice to either sell the chassis, buy another 420A, or go all out and build a 2.4L 420a turbo motor. Luckily I work at a wrecking yard and have lots of access to different vehicles, the next day A wrecked 96 Plymouth Breeze was towed in with a side impact and a very fresh 2.4L motor with 60000km.

    So with this new addition it came time to start the build, I pulled the motor out at work(sorry I didn’t take any pictures) and carried on my way home with the new motor in hand. Next on the list was pulling out the stock 420A 2L motor.

    I will skip the details since I know all of you have either removed a motor or have seen a motor removed before, it took a few days to remove it but all went well.
    Now that the engine bay was clean the car was put aside, threw the 2.4L on the engine stand and started to tear it apart. If you have never seen one of these motors and main caps are all one piece called a bed plate. (Remember this for later) motor came apart in an hour and was ready to head to the machine shop for the rebuild.

    Decided to try the 2L head on the 2.4L block

    The next day the engine was taken to the machine shop for the bottom end rebuild which would include:
    Wiseco SRT-4 / PT Cruiser GT / Hybrid 2.4L Neon Turbo Pistons .020 over
    Brian Crower SRT-4 Pro Series Rods
    Clevite race series main and rod bearings
    Arp Main Studs
    Well it took several weeks at the machine shop so I had time to kill, so I decided it was time to start working on the chassis again. First thing was to find as many poly bushing as I could for the car so at first I ordered the Prothane kit Mitsubishi-Eclipse, FWD/AWD 1995-1999 9-2001. The kit shows up and it’s supposed to be there master kit, needless to say it comes with a large amount but not nearly all of them. Next day ordered the energy suspension hyper flex master bushing kit 5.18107 now with the two kits I finally had a complete bushing set.

    Once I had all the bushing I wanted to start tearing into the suspension setup, placed a call to Yonaka motorsports and ordered up there full coil over setup for the car and started to install it.

    Unadjusted out of the box half way down can get about one finger with the factory 16” rims.

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