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    Turbowax Cleaner

    Rick Ears

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    Turbowax Cleaner

    Post  Rick Ears on Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:12 pm

    As some people may seen turbowax before, I just wanna let people know
    that I am the dealer for them in canada. They do sponsor alot of
    mazda's llike the fastest rx-8 and Mazda3 drag cars in the world.
    Everyone whos tried Turbowax stuff LOVES IT

    I have Turbowax stuff in stock ready for spring time to keep your car looking like new.

    Manufacturers of Car Wax,Car Shampoo, Pre Wax, Tire Gel, Wheel Cleaner,
    Car Leather Care, Foam Applicators, Buffing Pads, Swirl Remover, Spray
    Wax, Tire Applicators, Car Care Kits, Car Detailing Supplies,
    Microfiber Towels and much more


    What I have on SALE is

    473ml Swirl Remover & Final Polish
    473ml Pre Wax Cleaner
    473ml Paint Protection
    473ml Car Shampoo
    473ml Tire Gel Care
    473ml Spray Wax
    473ml Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Restore/Protect

    More info


    $12 any bottle

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