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    Kiggly's Beehive Spring Set

    Rick Ears

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    Kiggly's Beehive Spring Set

    Post  Rick Ears on Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:36 am

    Well after looking around and shopping for a set of valve springs, I had a few people tell me about the Kiggly High Pressure Beehive Spring Set. Well because Im working on my drag car during winter, I went ahead and got me a set after all the good feed back I been told. So I went ahead and got me a setlast week, sent them to the machine shop and not only Im a happy with the set but machine shop told me its the best springs out there for the 4g63 and Ill be happy with it. They come with everything you need in the kit and should make my 2.0 rev a bit higher then my old spring set up. Offering an even lighter retainer and the ultimate in valve control at rpm up to 11,000.
    The full kit includes 16 valve springs, retainers and base washers. To get the best out of the spring kit, it would be best to run a set of race cams. Alot of the top guys run beehive style springs so with a set of Kiggly's, you wont ever have to shop around for another set

    High Pressure Beehive Spring Set

    · With a stress optimized coil cross-section and surge reducing variable pitch, these springs are the best money can buy for a 4G63. Kit includes titanum retainers and steel seats.
    · 325lb/in and 97lb installed at 1.440", these springs support 0.500" lift.
    · Fits all 4G63 Including EVO and DSM.
    · Now available for 6G72, uses OEM seats to install at 1.455" and 93lb


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