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    NEW Thermal Throttle body Gasket

    Rick Ears

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    NEW Thermal Throttle body Gasket

    Post  Rick Ears on Sat May 30, 2009 8:50 am

    Garage16 just came out with a NEW Thermal Throttle body Gasket, same as the intake manifold ones just like you see in many cars. This one now is made out of same thing but replaces the Throttle body gasket. Best thing is you can reuse it many times unlike the stock gasket.

    Garage16 have developed a special high temperature insulating gasket which replaces the stock throttle body gasket. This and bypassing several heat sources significantly reduces the transfer of heat from the throttle body to the intake and incoming air giving you up to 5% more power. Turbocharged cars often use an aluminum intercooler to cool the air compressed by the turbo. The intake manifold is also made of aluminum but because it is heated by the throttle body, works in reverse to an intercooler by heating the intake air by as much as 25° C

    -DSM Throttle body 1G
    -DSM Throttle body 2G
    (both sides T.body and elbow)
    -Honda B, H, D & K
    -Mustang 70mm

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