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    Vibrant Aluminum Catch Can

    Rick Ears

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    Vibrant Aluminum Catch Can

    Post  Rick Ears on Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:45 pm

    Vibrant's new universal Aluminum Catch Can is the first to offer a "modular" design. The length of this catch can is fully adjustable to accomodate the available space in your engine bay. The can measures 3" O.D. x 10" Long but can be cut down to whatever length you wish.

    - End caps are pressure fit to the catch can, allowing them to be removed so you can clean the inside of the can. The end caps come with 2 Viton O-Rings for a leak free seal.

    - Suitable for various applications: Oil, Fluid (i.e. Coolant) and Vacuum.

    - 16 Available ports, tapped for 1/4" NPT Fittings, provides the ultimate in flexibility. Plugs are included for unused ports.

    - Unique Mounting Bracket Design allows for 360 degree adjustability. You can mount this catch can practically anywhere in your engine bay.

    - Each kit includes two (2) 1/4" NPT elbow fittings and a 10" length of clear tubing, allowing you to make your own fluid level gauge.



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